Dear Dr. Hirschfeld,

Today, the 11th day after the surgery, I can't describe how HAPPY I really am. My friends are amazed, seeing me already on the 8th and 9th day. Such quick recovery can only be contributed to a Doctor who is a MASTER in his field. If there was a higher level word other than: Thank You, Danke Schon, Merci, I would use these for sure. Forever Grateful.

Dear Dr. Hirschfeld and the rest of the crew-

Thank you for always being so caring, friendly, very cool and for helping me change the one thing I always hated about myself! I love how I look, I feel better about myself and it is almost impossible to find the right words to thank all of you for such an incredible gift!! You guys are the very BEST! Love always!

Words cannot express how grateful, thankful and appreciative I am for the most exquisite service which I have received. 5 days after the surgery I feel already fabulous! I waited almost an entire year before I made my decision to choose you for this important surgery. I know I choose the BEST of the BEST Doctors in the field of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Hirschfeld, you are not just a "wonderful, caring person". You are also simply "TOP SHELF" in your profession. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.